Fresh Breath Services In Earlsfield

Tackling bad breath the Dove Dental & Wellbeing Spa way!

Bad breath is a delicate and complex topic.

It is something that has many causes but can ultimately result in a knock to your self-confidence. It can also be a daunting issue to share but without doing so you may never know ways to improve things.

At Dove Dental our team will be sensitive to your concerns. Not only will we help you on the road to fresh breath, but our professional advice is invaluable for uncovering the cause.

    Bad breath can be the result of:

    • Strong foods, such as garlic and onions
    • Poor dental hygiene
    • Regular consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
    • Food caught between teeth
    • Dry mouth
    • Bacteria on the tongue
    • Gingivitis and periodontal disease (the two most common types of gum disease)
    • Health issues in another part of your body e.g. throat, liver, kidneys, lungs

    Tackling bad breath the Dove Dental way

    If you are experiencing worries about bad breath, book a consultation to see one of our friendly dentists. Your concerns will be explored within a dental health assessment and a plan to tackle the issue will be created.

    You could also see one of our lovely hygienists for your tailored oral healthcare advice, a professional clean and polish. 

    It is expected that you will use oral healthcare products recommended by our team to maintain your fresh breath and you will be provided with a review appointment to monitor your progress.