Dental Inlay and Onlay Earlsfield

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An onlay is a partial crown that covers the biting surface of the tooth. It may also replace one or more sides of the tooth. Our dentists may recommend an onlay as a treatment option instead of a crown.

There are several reasons why an onlay may be an option for repairing a tooth:

  • If your tooth is heavily broken down, has been root filled or has large existing fillings in place then an onlay can be a good option to help restore the tooth to its natural shape. It can also reduce the chance of future breakdown of the tooth.
  • If your teeth are worn, broken or have old discoloured fillings, onlays can be used to improve the shape and appearance of your teeth.
  • An onlay can be less intrusive than a crown, as less of your tooth has to be cut back and left stronger in the long term.

Onlays can be either made of tooth coloured ceramic material (such as e.max), tooth coloured composite resin (like a white filling) or of metal.

Your dentist will discuss material choices with you as well as the advantages of each in your particular case.